I am all astonishment.
"Bilbo of course ought to have been on his guard; but Smaug had rather an overwhelming personality." -The Hobbit


Fromage (1x08)

Jul 19th (10:19am)


"I didn’t want those to be my last words!

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Jul 19th (10:17am)
Jul 18th (5:17pm)


All men must die, but we are not men. 

Jul 17th (7:11pm)

You call that begging? You can beg better than that.

Jul 17th (5:23pm)

"by the way, nice little easter egg here. listen to what i say, ‘i could be a man who has blank, blank and blank in my car.’ then you find out at the end of the season that i do have those things in my car!" - glenn howerton, the anti-social network commentary

Jul 17th (5:10pm)
Jul 17th (4:04pm)
Jul 17th (10:45am)
Jul 17th (12:30am)
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